1. The Northern Ireland International Organ Competition's objects are to promote, by charitable means only, the knowledge and appreciation of organ music through the staging of an international competition, recitals and any other appropriate musical events that the committee considers appropriate within a safe environment.

2. In addition to the Northern Ireland International Organ Competition, the Committee may also host masterclasses, workshops, and individual recitals. Some of these may involve the participation of children under the age of 18.

3. The Northern Ireland International Organ Competition is committed to providing a safe environment for children at any event that they attend or in which they participate, and acknowledges that the welfare of each child is paramount. The Northern Ireland International Organ Competition believes that all children without exception have the right to protection from abuse regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality or beliefs.

4. The Northern Ireland International Organ Competition's Child Protection Policy applies to children under the age of 18 who attend or participate in any of its events, or who act as volunteer helpers in any of its administrative functions. The policy also applies to all members of the Committee, volunteers, and any artists and tutors engaged by the NIIOC to participate in any of its events involving children. Where appropriate, the Committee will identify if a job /volunteer role is regulated as defined under the Protection Of Children and Vulnerable Adults NI Order 2003 and provide a job description. An open recruitment process will be adhered to with clearly defined job/volunteer roles. Positions will be advertised and an application form used to gather key information from candidates in relation to the position. Candidates will be asked to complete a Declaration form to confirm that there is no reason why they should not be considered to work with children and provide two references. Following a successful interview procedure, AccessNI checks will be carried out where appropriate.

5. All members of the Committee are aware of the Northern Ireland International Organ Competition’s Child Protection Policy and endorse it. New workers will be made aware of organisational policies and procedures through a programme of induction and training, if appropriate, and all will receive a copy of the child protection policy where queries can be identified and addressed. Where it is deemed necessary by the Committee, workers can be trained on an on going basis during a probationary period with support and supervision provided together with annual appraisals and reviews. All workers will be issued with NIIOC Code of Behaviour to ensure the safety and welfare of children.

6. Children performing in Northern Ireland International Organ Competition events, and their parents, will be advised of the Northern Ireland International Organ Competition’s Child Protection Policy, and the Policy will be made available to them in advance. Parents of participating children will be required to be in attendance at the events in question, or to satisfy themselves that their children will be supervised at the events by other responsible adults acting on their behalf.

7. Children attending events as members of the audience should be supervised by their parents or other responsible adults.

8. The use of photography or digital recording at Northern Ireland International Organ Competition events involving children is strictly prohibited. Occasionally the Press will be invited to take photographs at Northern Ireland International Organ Competition events; if parents do not wish their children to be photographed, they or the accompanying adult, should make this known to Northern Ireland International Organ Competition personnel at the event.

9. Northern Ireland International Organ Competition personnel will be identified by a badge at all events involving children, and will be in attendance in the performance space. Parents' attention is drawn to the fact that practice areas and toilets are not supervised by Northern Ireland International Organ Competition personnel.

10. Concerns and allegations of abuse will be taken seriously by the Committee and volunteers, and responded to appropriately in a confidential manner within the limits of best practice guidelines as supplied by Arts Council NI. In the first instance the designated officer/deputy will be informed of a concern by children, workers or parents without delay, and this will be recorded and documented. It is his/her responsibility to inform the head of the NIIOC and a serious incident will be referred to Social Services, PSNI or NSPCC directly. A worker in a regulated position will be referred to the appropriate authorities for inclusion on the DWC NI list if the Committee learns of misconduct concerning children.

11. When participating in NIIOC events, children will be listened to and treated with respect at all times by the Committee and workers. Any time spent with children should take place in as open a setting as possible. Clear instruction will be given and a child’s/workers/parents concerns will be taken seriously at all times. Children will never be ignored or embarrassed. They will never be touched in an inappropriate way or addressed in a threatening, patronising or derogatory manner. Such behaviour will be deemed unacceptable.

12. The Committee takes the issue of bullying seriously and a worker/Committee member should be told straight away if a child feels uncomfortable or frightened by the actions of another child or adult. A child should not keep bullying a secret.

13. NIIOC welcomes the participation of all children with and without disability. We will endeavour to maximise inclusion by requesting information from participants/parents/guardians about additional needs in advance.

14. Accidents or any incidents will be recorded in a NIIOC handbook devised for this purpose. We will ensure adequate and up-to-date insurance and a list of emergency telephone numbers.

15. This Policy is supported by the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults (NI) Order 2003; The Protection of Children Act, the Court Services Act 2000; The Care Standard Act 2000.

16. The Northern Ireland International Organ Competition undertakes to review this Policy against current guidelines and best practice every 3