The 2018 Competition Prizes announced...


NIIOC Announces The 2018 Prize Packages

Senior Category:
1st Prize:
£1,500 and promoted recitals at 5 internationally-acclaimed venues –

St. Thomas Church Fifth Avenue, New York
Westminster Abbey, London
Stockholm Cathedral
King’s College, Cambridge
St Michael's Church, Dún Laoghaire
Royal College of Organists TOSE recital in Oxford 2019

2nd Prize:
£500 and promoted recitals at 2 internationally-acclaimed venues

Notre-Dame-d'Auteuil, Paris
Trinity College, Cambridge
Manchester Cathedral

3rd Place:
£200 and promoted recitals at 2 internationally-acclaimed venues

St. Michael’s Cornhill, London
St Patrick's College, Maynooth

Bach Prize:
£200 and a Bach Corner Recital at the 2019 St Albans International Organ Festival

Dame Gillian Weir Medal:
This bespoke medal, created by the Belfast School of Art at Ulster University, has been commissioned by NIIOC to celebrate the exceptional work of our Patron Dame Gillian Weir both as a musician and educator. This inaugural medal will be presented in person by Dame Gillian for the performance of a single work which she considers the most outstanding in the Senior category.

Intermediate Category:
With a prize recital at St. Patrick’s Church of Ireland Cathedral, Armagh

Junior Category:

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