NIIOC 2019 Shortlisted Competitors Announced

2019 LIST.jpg

Today NIIOC has announced 13 shortlisted competitors, drawn from an extensive long list and countries across the world.

The following organists will compete for monetary awards, international recitals and the Dame Gillian Weir Medal on Monday 19 August, in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Armagh:

James Anderson-Besant, UK
Ilaria Centorrino, Italy
Jared Cook, USA
Alexander Finlayson-Brown, UK
Killian Homburg, Germany
Joshua Hughes, UK
Jonathan Lee, Australia
Julia Raasch, Germany        
Ivan-Bogdan Reincke, Hungary
Ondřej Šmolík, Czech Republic
Aaron Voderholzer, Germany
Alexander Wallace, UK
Eddie Zheng, USA

For full details on the prize packages and to the competition details, visit